REDDS has immortalised the three poster children of the biggest and baddest rap feuds in history with its Rap Hall Of Fame: Notorious R.E.D., BluPac and Lil Shotty.


Who you got? 


Notorious R.E.D.


REDDS Cups red cup 425ml

The original red cup in Australia, an O.G. like Notorious B.I.G. A symbol of American college life and hip-hop, the iconic red cup is for every occasion – whether you’re in the studio, throwing a house party, or simply hanging out with friends.





REDDS Cups blue cup 425ml


Brother and rival to ‘Notorious R.E.D.’, we pay homage to Tupac. Blupac is a perfect contrast to red counterpart Notorious R.E.D., for the more relaxed soiree.



Lil Shotty 


REDDS Cups micros plastic red shot cups 60ml


The new kid on the block that you prefer to take in small doses. In reference to Lil Yachty, our Micros are the new generation of the iconic party cup – in a 60mL shot size he looks up to the O.G.’s and his predecessors, Notorious R.E.D. and Blupac.




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