REDDS ‘Lil Shotty’ Micros 60ml (pack of 50) are now ranged in Woolworths Supermarkets! 


Lil Shotty is the new kid on the block that you prefer to take in small doses, he’s the derivative and the next generation of the iconic O.G. 425ml’s: Notorious R.E.D. and BluPac. He now joins our REDDS Cup Pong Packs in the Woolworths party section. Look out for bright red in the party aisle, you can’t miss them.


REDDS is sold nationally across Australia and highly sought after on a retail level. Our iconic cups are proudly stocked at over 4,000 bottle shops, retailers and online outlets, including Woolworths, Big W, IGA, Liquorland, First Choice, BWS, Dan Murphy’s, Booze Bud,, and Universal Store.



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